1. Uniform Spatial Subdivisions (Grid Creation, WCS Axis-Aligned Bbox Transformations and Voxel Traversal)

2. Multi-processing and Analysis
3. Adaptive Anti-aliasing
4. Refraction
5. Glossy Reflections
6. Solid Texturing and Procedural Texturing using Noise
7. Texture Mapping
8. Phong Model using Vertex Normal Interpolation on Triangles
9. Area Light Support and Soft Shadows
10. Final Scene

Extra Objectives/Optimizations

11. Fresnel Reflectance

12. Voxel-Polygon Sub-Mesh Optimization
13. Shadow Ray Voxel Optimization
14. Optimal Grid Size Calculation
15. Makefile Optimized Build Settings and Discussion of All Optimizations
16. Animation using John Lasseter's principles of Animation

Manual and Technical Documentation

Proposal for 3-week Raytracer Project

Final Raytracer Manual in PDF format


Written by: Mike Jutan
CS 488 - Computer Graphics
University of Waterloo